Simonton windows creating more energy efficient windows

When considering replacing your windows, it’s always best to have energy efficiency in-mind, as well as the costs involved.  Today, I’m going to tell you about a cost-effective way to save money and save on energy. When searching through over a dozen window manufacturers, I found a great site that gave un-biased  Simonton Windows Reviews. This site helped me choose the right window for my home. I ended up buying their Reflections 5500 model windows – 12 of them to be exact.

What I like about these windows?

I had these windows for about a year now and haven’t really found any problems as of yet. I will say that when cleaning these windows, Simonton windows could do a better job at making it a little bit easier to pivot the top window. Other than that little quirk, I’m quite pleased at how warm my home feels in the winter. I did, however, get the chance to mess around with these windows at home depot, among others that were on the shelf.

Here’s an overview of other windows they carry:

  • Double hung windows – this is where you can slide the top and bottom window up or down.
  • Single pane windows – this is where the top window is permanently fixed into position and cannot be moved.
  • Bay windows
  • Basement & Garden windows

I’m quite positive you could find a great Simonton window for you home. I would still shop around until you find what works for you, and your budget. The total cost for my project was roughly 6,500 with installation from a local window contractor in my town.




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